Rex Ryan Holds Back Tears While Discussing Damar Hamlin’s Fight

Damar Hamelin‘s fight ever since He went into cardiac arrest on Monday night and has inspired many people in the league. Less than a week later, Hamlin started doing it breathe independently again while be neurological progress is strong.

The most inspirational Hamlin moment came when he woke up midweek and his first words were a simple question about the game.

“Did we win?” he asked.

former bills Head coach Rex Ryan was particularly moved by Hamlin’s struggle and competitiveness, and he expressed it while fighting back tears on air on Saturday afternoon.

“We needed that. As fans, we needed it,” he said. “This guy is a legend. Are you talking about a fighter? Damn right, he’s a fighter, he’s a fucking legend. Thank you, I needed it as a father, as a coach and as a fan of this game.”

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